About Nick

Nick was raised by a Lutheran minister’s daughter (who is now also a non-believer) and a Catholic farmboy turned engineer. In childhood, Religious obligations were few, and reserved for extended family get-togethers. Eventually, these obligations petered out and he started attending a Unitarian Universalist church with his mother and brother. The UUs mostly jived with his way of thinking, and exposed him to a lot of new beliefs and ideas to consider.

Nerdy by nature.

What’s got two thumbs and loves comic books? Nick. When he’s not being an asshole to people online or discussing the differences between Marvel’s sliding timescale and DC’s static timeline, he’s usually found at work, keeping the internet running so that folks like you can read this About Page. You’re welcome.





Somewhere between New Atheist and Apatheist, depending on the barometric pressure and how annoyed he is at any given moment, Nick genuinely believes that faith is innately harmful, no matter how much good it *could* do in the world.

Shazam, bitches!




Nick joined the cast of Vilification Tennis in 2011 after winning the amateur audition show, and has since been making fun of fat mothers and small dicks at the Bryant Lake Bowl and Bear Stage at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.




Nick by Grant Morrison
I’m more of a Marvel guy these days.






Quick list of Favorites:

Doctor? Tom Baker.
Flavor? Spicy.
Weather? Thunderstorms.
Color? Black.
Comic Character? Dr. Doom.
TV Show? Breaking Bad or Community.
On-going Comic? Daredevil.
Word? Glossolalia.