Episode 243 – The Rise of the Alt-Right

maxresdefault-e1464888685807-800x430This week, we are joined by returning guest Nathan Gerber, who brings with him the topic of the rise of the alt-right.  By alt-right, of course, we mean white supremacists.  You can also call them racists, bigots, or even fucking Nazis.  Recent political events have given a lot of visibility to this rather ugly portion of our society and we talk through all of that.  Then Nathan asks us five really horrible questions we hope we never have to answer again.  Thanks a lot, Nate.

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2 Responses to Episode 243 – The Rise of the Alt-Right

  1. Wulfshade says:

    I wouldn’t call gamergate an alt-right movement. They were mainly concerned about corruption in games journalism and that was always their thing. Please don’t associate them with the alt-right.

  2. Great episode this week gang.