Episode 242 – Spring 2017 Coming Attractions

thumbnail_25047For this week’s episode, we take a look at some geek movies coming up from this week through the end of May.  We start with Logan, which opens this Friday.  Tim has been constantly bragging he’s seen the first forty minutes of the film and come Friday, everyone will have seen the whole thing and he can finally shut the hell up.  We also look a lot of other interesting titles including Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and a film we simply call the “Guy Ritchie King Arthur Movie!”

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2 Responses to Episode 242 – Spring 2017 Coming Attractions

  1. Nick Knight says:

    I am in China, and the rest of Asia all the time, and I can tell you they really really love Scarlett Johansson. Its very strange. I have no doubt what so ever they will be pushing her. I doubt this is Hollywood , this is Asian fan driven.