Episode 236 – Rogue One

landscape-1460032284-star-wars-rogue-oneThis week, we take a look at the newest addition to the storied Star Wars franchise, Rogue One!  The film has been out for a while now but as is our tradition when we discuss nerdy movies, we spoil the shit out of everything.  If you are anxious to see the movie without spoilers, this is not the podcast for you!  Otherwise, listen on as we discuss our thoughts on this stand alone mission movie and where it ranks compared to other Star Wars films.  At least in our completely arbitrary opinion.

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3 Responses to Episode 236 – Rogue One

  1. VI > V > R1 > IV > VII > III > II > I

    Though the prequels get points for originality over VII.

    • Hey, just as long as you put everything else before I, II, & III I don’t have an qualms about anyone’s ranking, heh.