Episode 232 – Xmas Movies

Die-Hard-Christmas-Now-I-Have-a-Machine-Gun-Ho-Ho-Ho-642x362With Christmas just around the corner, we take an episode to discuss our favorite movies about the best secular holiday around!  We know – a lot of people don’t think it is a secular holiday but those of us without religion know that Christmas love everyone, no matter what they believe!  We have a good time talking about the movies we like to watch around this time of year.  If we hit on some of your favorites (or missed one), mention it in the comments!

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4 Responses to Episode 232 – Xmas Movies

  1. Jessica Dalton-Morgan says:

    A favourite Christmas TV episode is Father Ted’s “A Christmassy Ted”. Highlights include a bunch of priests getting lost in Ireland’s largest lingerie section while out shopping, narrowly avoiding a scandal and their housekeeper Mrs Doyle is given an automated tea-maked for Christmas which upsets her greatly as she enjoys the whole ritual of making the tea herself.

  2. Jessica Dalton-Morgan says:

    And of course the Blackadder episode “Blackadder’s Christmas Carol” which is the reverse of the usual story in that he starts nice and becomes nasty after being shown his past/present/future.

  3. Jessica Dalton-Morgan says:

    I keep thinking of other shows. Frasier had a few Christmas episodes – my favourites are Perspectives on Christmas (S5), Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz (S6) and Miracle on Third or Fourth Street (S1) is still great festive viewing.

  4. The Ref FTW! It’s become our (adult) family’s Christmas tradition.