Episode 226 – Election Day

election-dayThis week’s episode is all about election day!  If you haven’t voted yet, you should go do it. Since we recorded a week ago, we don’t know how things look now but hopefully we are on the way to a Not Donald Trump presidency (edit: FUUUUUUUUUUUCK).  If we aren’t, well, shit.  We talk a little about the next steps no matter what happens in the 2016 elections and look back at some past elections.

Nick mentioned a video explaining ranked choice voting and here it is!

Tim mentioned a blog post he wrote about Bernie Sanders and that’s here.

And here is the video we mention with Penn Gillette talking about Donald Trump.

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One Response to Episode 226 – Election Day

  1. We still need a post-election recap. I haven’t listened to this episode yet, and I don’t know if I can stand it (any hopefulness will be rather painful to listen to) without the existence of a come-down episode later.