Episode 217 – Grief Without God

tear-griefThis week, we sit down with our friend Shea Roberts to talk about grieving as an atheist surrounded by believers.  Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge are you are expected to accept everyone else’s faith but they are not expected to give you the same consideration in return.  Shea recently lost her brother and she has some powerful thoughts about going through that process and how being a non believer can be even more challenging in times of loss.

Also, if you are an atheist dealing with grief, check out Grief Beyond Belief!

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2 Responses to Episode 217 – Grief Without God

  1. Footnotegirl says:

    Whoops, put this comment in the wrong place:
    Found this song and its one that I would want played at any memorial/wake. Very appropriate for a non-religious person. “Company of Friends” by Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt

  2. Bit late, I know, given that you recorded this probably 2 months ago or so (I’ve been busy), but Shea’s quote is from Friedrich Nietzsche.