Episode 209 – Brexit and Trump

3feWZw5m_400x400This week we talk with our friend C. Robert Cargill.  Cargill is a novelist (Dreams and Shadows) and screenwriter (Sinister, Dr. Strange) but we talked to him about politics.  Cargill is a Christian and a moderate conservative so he provides a considerably different viewpoint from one normally found on our podcast.  We spend some time looking at the Brexit situation in Britain and how it relates to the rise of Donald Trump in America.  Then, after bemoaning the sad state of politics in our country from the left and the right, we move on to our five questions.   Hopefully, we can get Cargill back to talk about his work on films like Sinister and Dr. Strange after Strange hits the theaters in November!

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One Response to Episode 209 – Brexit and Trump

  1. Can I just say that I disagree with the worry about autonomous cars killing jobs. look at how many people are not farmers anymore and there was no correlation with those job losses and unemployment


    140,000,000 agricultural jobs lost in 20 years and nothing to worry about. Innovation will create jobs as well as consume jobs.

    PS. Here is a republican that I probably have more in common with than most democrats. And I have not voted republican in 20 years.