Episode 196 – Love and Marriage

12961564_10207513512109199_2359234324343271175_nThis week we were recording live from Die Laughing, a 50 hour comedy marathon.  Immediately prior to this episode, the three of us were privileged to participate in a unique improvised wedding ceremony as three of seven officiants. It was extremely silly.  We were then joined by the bride, regular guest Melissa Kaercher and her new husband, Fes.  We spend most of the episode talking about the wedding, which will probably make you wish you were there.

Congratulations, Melissa and Fes!

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One Response to Episode 196 – Love and Marriage

  1. Fact correction! I said in the episode that Frank Frazetta did the Aqua Teen Hunger Force poster, but that was because my brain failed. It was actually Boris Vallejo.