Episode 187 – Politics!

PoliticsWith the caucus/primary season coming up, we spent this week talking about politics!  As you probably expect, the three of us are fairly progressive so much of our conversation centers around the Hilary Clinton/Bernie Sanders camps.  There is actually a fair amount of disagreement there.  We do spend a little bit of time talking about our reasons for rejecting the Republican party and it has a lot to do with our non-religious roots.  So if you are a conservative listener – that’s cool.  But you might want to check back in with us next week.

Show notes below the fold:

Here’s the picture of Robin’s Star Trek V posters!


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3 Responses to Episode 187 – Politics!

  1. Bob Alberti says:

    Criminy, Robin! I come to GeeksWithoutGod for geeky boners and to learn how Molly ACTUALLY feels about a topic, I don’t come here to get choked up! What a story…

  2. Cross posting from FB:

    I really enjoyed the episode today. Here’s the but! Texas (and the other states) aren’t challenging the President’s ability to do executive orders. In fact, the administration petitioned the Court for clarification about what the President’s discretion would be regarding issuing an executive order around the laws that Congress enacted regarding immigration. In every statutory scheme, there is usually discretion for the President to act and issue executive orders. Sometimes it’s clear, sometimes it isn’t, and sometimes challenging it is just a political move to waste all our time. Here’s a link to the SCOTUSblog rundown:


  3. Jay Vaughn says:

    Calling Planned Parenthood “Establishment” and his campaign’s dismissive, frankly misogynistic, comments to Secretary Clinton, calling her a shouting woman, show that he really isn’t pro-woman.