Episode 183 – Hard Wired

This week, we hHardWiredave a talk with returning guest Bob Alberti about his new play, “Hard Wired.”  Co-written by Susanne Becker and produced by Fearless Comedy, the show opens on Thursday in the Twin Cities.  We talk with Bob about his inspiration for the show and the process of writing.  If you are a local listener, we encourage you to check this show out!

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3 Responses to Episode 183 – Hard Wired

  1. Bob Alberti says:

    Here’s the video Megan sent me about integrating texting and phones in a movies

  2. Bob Alberti says:

    Here’s a link to the Tekumel Foundation – please make a generous non-tax-deductible donation!

    Here’s a fusty old dude reading Carroll’s “The Three Voices” including the artwork, and here’s Tennyson’s “The Two Voices

  3. Andrew Hackard says:

    Catching up and following up on Bob’s video recommendation: Tony Zhou’s entire channel, “Every Frame a Painting,” is absolutely fantastic for movie lovers. I’m pretty sure Tim in particular would have a fantastically hard geeky boner over those videos.