Episode 161 – Ocarina of Boners

ocarina-of-timeOur podcast is once again swollen with a new set of geeky boners!  Tim has another show in the Minnesota Fringe Festival.  Molly has a new (old) game on her DS.  Nick has gotten caught up on some DC television shows.  We are also working through the last three listener answers to our original five questions!  Then we’ll get started on the new ones so send ’em in!

As of this posting, there are three more performances of Tim’s show at the Fringe.  Here’s when and where they will be!

Also as of this posting, there is still one Geeks Without God guest spot available if you back  the Vermin Kickstarter!  Just a few days left!

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One Response to Episode 161 – Ocarina of Boners

  1. Molly is totally right about Majora’s Mask being a garbage, pain in the ass game. My roommate at the time kept bragging about beating it so I played it through out of sheer spite. It is still slightly more fun if you have the game manual, but it’s still a lazy attempt to cash in on the success of Ocarina.