Episode 154 – CONvergence 2015

Connie-as-Redshirt-web-290x300This week, we take a look at all the stuff we’ll be doing at CONvergence 2015 and boy, it’s a lot.  If you somehow miss us at the convention, it is because you are actively avoiding us.  We have a really packed schedule and we spend most of the episode telling you about what we have going on at the convention.  We also read five answers from a listener.  Sharp eared listeners might hear an edit and that’s only because there is one.  We aren’t going to tell you what we edited.  Please provide us your conspiracy theories in the comments!

Want to know our schedules?  We can do that!

Here’s a schedule for Molly.

Here’s one for Nick.

And one for Tim.

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3 Responses to Episode 154 – CONvergence 2015

  1. A new set of 5 questions? Yes please!

    • Oh, hey! I even made it into the button at the end. Not sure how I’m next in line; you read my answers months ago.

      • Well…there’s a story to that. You aren’t the next in line. But we thought you were.

        I didn’t say it was a long story.