Episode 143 – Awkward Family Moments

DanceDevil2This week we have another episode recorded at Die Laughing.  After the Epic Lip Sync battle, we sat down with dancer, choreographer, and improvisor Erin Sheppard to talk about those awkward family moments that arise when you are an atheist.  We discuss things like being asked to lead prayer, talking about shows with religious themes and other awkward experiences that are common to being a non-believer in a world of believers.  Of course, Erin also gets a crack at our five questions!

Show notes below the fold:

As we mentioned, Erin is in The Life Impromptu: A Yes Anderson Production at HUGE Theater through the end of April.

She is also one of the creative minds behind the Twin Cities Horror Festival.

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One Response to Episode 143 – Awkward Family Moments

  1. Tim talked about a family get together he had where he was worried about having to lead a prayer. This has actually happened to me. My mother’s husband and his family are extremely religious and he told me I would have to lead prayer that day. So instead I simply expressed my appreciation for spending time with family and for good food. God was never mentioned. That said, I’ve also had a negative experience with my wife’s family where someone was asked to say a prayer before dinner and they did a similar thing where they didn’t mention God. Her grandmother got upset and took over instead and basically gave him the stinkeye for the rest of the night.