Episode 134 – Arrow Boners

Arrow_(cast)This week we have a talk about our latest geeky boners.  Tim has been watching a lot of his favorite movies since the beginning of the year and spends some time talking about them.  Nick has been working to catch up on some new (and old) TV series.  Molly is playing a whole lot of video games.  Once we spend time talking about our current obsessions, we read off five answers from another listener.

Show notes below the fold:

Here is a link to the Penny Arcade comic Nick mentioned

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2 Responses to Episode 134 – Arrow Boners

  1. My geeky boner is self-serving: the release of Munchkin #1 from Boom! Studios!! Squee!

  2. Scooter says:

    I have been watching Arrow and Flash since the beginning, and it can get into the CW romancey area, they have been getting better with Arrow over the years. I hope that by the time we get the whole back story of Ollie’s missing time, he lightens up a bit.