Episode 132 – Nous Sommes Charlie

150107120309-charlie-hebdo-620x348This week we talked about the shocking massacre at the Charlie Hebdo offices in France. We explore a lot of different reactions to the situation, some more understandable than others.  Is Islam somehow more dangerous than other religions?  And should satire have limitations?  We try – and mostly fail – to make sense of a senseless act.

Note: We had a technical glitch and recorded this episode with the wrong microphone.  The sound is a little bit tinny.  Sorry for the problem!

Show notes below the fold:

Here is the statement from Bill Donahue.

I you want to listen to Bill Donahue being smacked down by fellow conservative Catholic Hugh Hewitt, here’s the place.

Molly and Tim both drew pictures of Mohammed!  Here’s Molly’s Mohammed Unicorn with a horn that grants wishes.









And here is Tim’s Drawing of Mohammed moving a mountain WITH HIS MIND!!!


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4 Responses to Episode 132 – Nous Sommes Charlie

  1. Andrew S says:

    In terms of omnipotent god not being able to mete out justice on his own, my guess is that the French terrorists believed that God *was* handing out justice; they were the instrument that God chose to use to hand out that justice.

    Still bullshit of course.

  2. Albatross says:

    “Ooh, lookit me, I’m Tim Wick, I pronounce ‘Charlie Abdo’ with a fancy French enunciation…”

    “Immediately after the attack there were HUGE numbers of Muslims who came out against the attack, including Hezbollah” – or as Fox News describes it “No Muslim organizations objected to the attack.”

  3. Albatross says:

    You had me at “nuns masturbating.”

  4. The comparison you drew towards the end of the conversation, with the cartoon from the Onion, I felt, was exceptionally disingenuous. The Charlie Hebdo cartoons were a blatantly racist act against the most opressed group in France. The Onion’s was a joke, an Onion joke, A.K.A. a bad joke.