Episode 127 – Left Behind 2014

Left-Behind--Nicolas-Cage_article_story_largeLeft Behind has become something of a running gag on our podcast.  Having watched Kirk Cameron’s version of this popular Christian fable and suffered through the atrocious board game, we turned our gaze towards the newest iteration starring Oscar winner Nicholas Cage.  In spite of a considerably higher budget, the film managed to achieve what we thought would be impossible.  It was worse that the first one and possibly worse than the board game.  We watched it so you didn’t have to.  Listen to our pain!

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3 Responses to Episode 127 – Left Behind 2014

  1. Three thoughts, all of which prove that I am destined for the lake of fire:

    1. Waiting for the antichrist to show up gave me the worst case of blue Baals I’ve ever had.

    2. Nazi prostitute: “Hey, you want some action? Got any gold teeth?” — which made me feel really bad until you started making those jokes about Disneyland, and then at least I knew I had company. And then I thought of the worst thing ever:

    3. Mouschwitz.

    Suggestion: Why not solicit questions from your audience that you can answer in an episode when you run out of five-questions answers? I’ll start: “Have you ever backslid, meaning you found yourself sort of half-believing in God, even briefly?”

  2. Nick Knight says:

    I always am amazed by the amount of ignorance surrounding the book of Revelations. As an Atheist, I put no weight on its reality. I am surprised how little debate there is on what the book is actually about, and why it was written etc. People are often surprised to learn that it is the most positive book (fairy tale) in the Bible. All the rapture and anti Christ garbage is a complete fabrication when you understand what the book was written to communicate. The Learning Company did a great audio learning program on this section and it is worth a listen.

  3. So, you guys have done a lot of podcasts about movies with a religious premise that suck. Recently I watched the movie Horns, and it was an amazing film with a very obvious religious overtone.I liked it a lot, but would love to hear you three (and any guests you may have on the show) talk about it. And if you don’t like it, hear your reasons because currently haven’t met anyone who has watched it and disliked it.