Episode 123 – OmegaCon Tabletop Gaming

pic1430769_mdThis weeks episode was recorded at Omegacon in Siren, Wisconsin.  We are joined by tabletop gaming enthusiast Matt Everhart.  The four of us talked about the games we played over the weekend, new and old.  We all had a great time over the weekend and played a lot of awesome games.  Including Legendary.  If you didn’t know it by know, we really like Legendary. Tabletop enthusiasts should get some good ideas this week!  Matt also finally gets a crack at our five questions!

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7 Responses to Episode 123 – OmegaCon Tabletop Gaming

  1. Joshua Humphrey says:

    I bought Concept about this time last year and have enjoyed it the few times we’ve played.

    Getting “Ghostbusters” across was impossible until we nailed “Stay Puft Mashmallow Man.”

    • I think I did Tools – Myth/Magic, Weapon/Conflict to try to get across proton packs, which I might have tied to a vehicle. Then four dudes who are also a movie, and emphasized comedy? Stay Puft is a good way to get people to think on it, too!

      Big Food Fictional Person/Myth?

  2. A few games I’d like to suggest (that haven’t already been mentioned on the podcast at some point):

    I recently tried out and subsequently purchased is called Thunder Alley by GMT. The whole game is based on a NASCAR theme but you don’t need to be a NASCAR fan to enjoy it (I’m not). It’s a strategy game and quite fun.

    Additionally, I recommend Tsuro of the Seas and Machi Koro. The first is a game in which you build paths and your goal is to avoid running off the board or into a dragon. Fairly simply and very fun. The latter is one that I just tried a few days ago and it’s a card and dice game where you purchase different property types (cards) that have a number on them. If that number is rolled you get a certain number of coins. There are 4 cards that you need to unlock with coins and first to unlock those cards wins. Again, another simply, quick, fun game.

    If you like card games along the lines of Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity, I suggest giving We Didn’t Playtest This At All a try. It’s chaos in card form.

    Lastly, while I have not played this game myself I have heard many good things about it and really want to try it out. The game is called Twilight Struggle. In this Cold War game one person is the US, the other the Soviet Union and the game takes place from the end of WWII to the fall of the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain in 1989. The goal, as I understand it, is to try and become the dominant world power and/or win the space race without setting off a nuclear war.

  3. All about da Miracle Whip!!