Episode 117 – Renaissance Boners

minnesota-renaissance-festivalThis episode is pretty mellow because we were all operating at high levels of sleep deprivation.  The 2014 Minnesota Renaissance Festival is behind us and yet this geeky boner episode is filled with memories of a season just gone by.  Molly, though, does manage to get hard about something that is not the festival so you can fast forward to her her part if you don’t want to listen to us blather on about being street performers.  We also read a listener’s answers for the first time in a while.  Enjoy our exhaustion!


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5 Responses to Episode 117 – Renaissance Boners

  1. Yup, still listening. And I’m in British Columbia, Canada. Like Oregon only moreso. I thought it was in my email sig but I guess that might not have gotten attached.

  2. Y’all may find this website useful in future episodes: http://www.bonernoise.com/

    You’re welcome.

  3. @PedanticEric says:

    Actually, in 1985 when Tim and I were two of the three people operating the Grendel puppet, Tim was one of the hands and I carried the middle body section. Tim said we were the two operating the hands. #knighted

  4. Quick correction: DeCantus was getting their 15-year award.

    Also, congratulations on 30 years, Tim!