Episode 108 – Atheist Comedians

imagesThis week we are joined by our good friend Joseph Scrimshaw.  Joseph is a professional comedian and we have noticed over the time we’ve been recording this podcast that there seem to be a large number of comedians who are atheists and agnostics.  While we completely fail to provide any data supporting this theory, we talk about it anyway.  We also talk about some religious comedians and how Tim has watched them and doesn’t think they are very funny.  As a repeat guest, Joseph also asks us five exciting and very important questions!  Please note there is a wonderful opportunity for some new fan art at the end of the episode.  Go to town people!

Show notes below the fold:

Tim Talked about watching a Christian Comedian on a “Christian version of unworthy.”  He was talking about Faithit and here is the video he specifically referred to.

Tim has recorded two episodes of Joseph’s Obsessed podcast.  The most recent was about Cats (and also featured friend of the show Rebecca Watson).  He also recorded one about Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Molly was also on Obsessed to talk about Dr. Who!


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One Response to Episode 108 – Atheist Comedians

  1. Apropos of nothing at all here, the best movie I’ve seen in the last 30 days — or three months — or probably three YEARS is Boyhood. It’s a tremendous storytelling achievement and I am seriously thinking about going to see it again to see if I saw what I thought I saw in the very last shot.