Episode 107 – Transgender Issues

transgenderToday’s guest won a guest spot on our podcast at our Die Laughing silent auction.  It was a hotly contested prize but Miranda Richards was our winner.  We sat down to record with her in an echo chamber of a hotel room at CONvergence 2014.  Miranda is transgender and we spent our time with her discussing her transition, the response of her family and a lot of other issues.  Nick also talked about his brother, who is also transgender.  Since we have read Miranda’s five answers on the air, she also got the opportunity to ask us her own five questions!  It was a very interesting conversation about a topic far outside many peoples’ consciousness.

Show notes below the fold:

Molly mentioned her friends Andy and Justin; specifically, she mentioned Justin’s writings on being a partner to a transwoman. You can read those here.

We also mentioned a friend’s funding campaign to help adopt a baby.  That friend is former guest Aric McKeown.  He’s good people.  Help him if you can.

If you are addicted to Clash of Clans like Tim, his clan is Tachi Station.  In case you are looking for a clan to join…

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2 Responses to Episode 107 – Transgender Issues

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  2. Robin Raianiemi says:

    This was a terrific episode, Geeks!

    One of the most helpful things about my own transition was my atheism. I didn’t have to worry about what any invisible sky entity thought about my going from male to female.