Episode 103 – Directing the Fringe

w5qpk9This week we are joined by Jeff Larson, Executive Director of the Minnesota Fringe Festival.  Tim calls him the Managing Director and the Artistic Director at various points because he can’t get anything right. We talk with Jeff about how our local Fringe is run as well as his experiences visiting other Fringe Festival’s around the country and around the world.  He also tells us a story about installing a something in Grace Evangelical Church.  Later, Tim got to ride in his Porche.  It was a good episode!

Show notes below the fold:

Some information about Tim’s Vermeer.

More information about Jack Reacher.

And if you ever want to go there to pick out your own favorite sandwich, here’s the website for Caffrey’s Deli!

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One Response to Episode 103 – Directing the Fringe

  1. Albatross says:

    “The artistic director of the Guthrie has the same chance as a 15-year-old kid…”

    HOWEVER, if you’ve entered the Fringe for the first time on a complete whim and are already wildly overcommitted and have absolutely no idea what you’re doing, THEN your chances of getting picked are almost 100%.