Episode 98 – CONvergence 2014

It’s a little early but we are all excited because we have had a look at our schedules for CONvergence and we want to talk about our plans for the convention.  While schedules are subject to change, this episode covers what we’re looking forward to at the con this year as well as some costume plans Nick and Molly are putting together.  We also spill some information about the live podcast we’ll be doing at the convention! If you aren’t going to CONvergence, we hope that you feel really bad about it after listening to this show!

Show notes below the fold:

If you want Tim’s schedule, here it is!

Here’s Molly’s Schedule!

And here’s Nick’s!

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2 Responses to Episode 98 – CONvergence 2014

  1. Cetius d'Raven says:

    Molly makes a sexy Cecil. Gonna have to see that panel for sure.

  2. The Spike Lee OLDBOY was just lame. Every single change they made was the wrong choice.