Episode 97 – The Munchkin Czar

This week we sat down with Molly’s cousin Andrew Hackard.  He works for Steve Jackson Games and has the awesome title of Munchkin Czar!  Given that fact, you’d think we’d spend the entire episode taking about Munchkin.  Why would we do that?  That’s his day job!  Instead, we talk about the latest board games we’ve been playing.  Are you tired of hearing us talk about Legendary?  We hope not!  To be fair, we talk about a whole bunch of other games as well.  Also, since we answered Andrew’s five questions on the podcast many moons ago, we have to answer five questions that he brought to us!

Show notes below the fold:

Here’s a link to Tim’s comedy blog entry about Drunk Gaming.

We mentioned a lot of games so here’s some information on them from Board Game Geek:



Dead Panic

Lords of Waterdeep

Legendary (also info on the new card set)


The Resistance

Forbidden Island

Forbidden Desert


The Witcher



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8 Responses to Episode 97 – The Munchkin Czar

  1. Since we recorded this, I’ve picked up Lords of Waterdeep for iOS, and have been playing a lot (offline, against computer opponents to beef up to play against real people, one day). Incredibly fun!

  2. as owner of Zombicide in gaming group in question I’ll say that I’ve had similar experiences with other groups. to the best of my knowledge we’re *not* playing it wrong. I think for sure that it needs to be rebalanced. I still have fun with it, though. maybe it would go better if we acted faster?

    • I’m certainly willing to concede that we might have been playing it wrong (right rules, wrong strategy/playstyle).

  3. Albatross says:

    Regarding your comments on “mission trips,” I’ve long wanted to get Hemley Gonzalez to appear on Geeks Without God, he’s the founder of “Responsible Charity”, a wholly secular charity working in the slums of Calcutta. He’s going to be a speaker at the first Humanism at Work conference (along with Greta Christina) July 18-20, which is about as close to Minneapolis as he’s ever likely to get. I really hope at least one of you might go and interview him.

    • Maybe some day we’ll get our remote recording situation figured out, and we can make that happen.

  4. There is no God, because in a world where God exists, He would never have allowed Andrew to come back in time to preemptively plagiarize one of my 5 Questions! Now I have to think of a new one. Rar.

  5. Robin Raianiemi says:

    My all time favorite game is “Cosmic Encounter”. With “Scrabble” coming in a close second.