Episode 96 – Captain America Boners

This week’s episode is another installment of Geeky boners!  We have a lot of big ones and a few small ones.  Tim spends time yakking about his latest writing projects, Molly yaks about a game she is playing, and Nick yaks about home pass. Then everyone starts yakking about the awesomeness that is Captain America: Winter Soldier.  Finally, we talk about the impact of the film on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” and how the show is growing on us.

Show notes below the fold:

If you want to read Tim’s Blog (where he’s writing a lot), it is at petsnakereggie.com.

The official site for The Wolf Among Us.


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3 Responses to Episode 96 – Captain America Boners

  1. Albatross says:

    I empathize with Molly regarding how annoying “God bless you” is after a sneeze. I despair handling it without coming off as a prick. I try carefully to never say that when someone around me sneezes (although the reflex can be hard to catch), and I try to ignore it when it’s said to me.

    What I REALLY ought to do is to start saying it whenever anyone around me makes any bodily sound aside from normal speech. Imagine the fun:

    God bless you!

    God bless you!

    God bless you!


  2. You guys talked about the religious person who gave the wedding advice that was hilarious. It is called “missionary dating” where I’m from.

    • Yeah, it wasn’t fun and caused a lot of anger. My wife’s pretty much cut the woman out of her life now.