Episode 82 – The Arrogance of Atheists

1510774_10202100240040276_281772362_nThis week we are joined by our friend Mark Lazarchic to talk about why he does not admit he is an atheist.  His reasons are not new or unique, which is not to say they lack justification.  We talk with him about the perceived and actual behavior of the atheists he knows as well as his own reluctance to identify with his beliefs.  We talk over each other a lot. Somewhere in there, we talk about other stuff like improvisational comedy, health care, Libertarianism, and the fact Mark is a big fat hypocrite.  Mark also answers our five questions.

Pictured above: Mark demanded sparkling water and Cheetos waiting for him.  And we provided them.  Future guests shouldn’t expect the same treatment.

Show notes below the fold

Here’s a link to Mark’s software company, Otterology.

Mark mentions the Coke random acts of kindness video.


14 Responses to Episode 82 – The Arrogance of Atheists

  1. Albatross says:

    Mark is just too chickenshit to commit to a point of view!

    • Albatross says:

      (Because Mark is so shy about taking a position on things, right?)

      • Albatross says:

        Mark, if you had a friend who “loved you unconditionally,” but who dumped you after you lost your faith, then your friend by definition didn’t love you unconditionally. And honestly if anyone is going to love you Mark they’d better do it unconditionally…

  2. Albatross says:

    For your consideration:
    Sherlock – Sheldon
    Watson – Leonard
    Molly – Penny

  3. Mark Lazarchic says:
  4. One thing I’ve never understood is the brand of firm Libertarian type who also denies the idea of separation of church and state. Even Ron Paul claimed “The notion of a rigid separation between church and state has no basis in either the text of the Constitution or the writings of our Founding Fathers”

    It would seem to take a lot of cognitive dissonance to believe in tiny government with minimal regulations and yet be okay with the government promoting religion.

  5. Honestly, anyone who stops talking to you because you no longer believe in the same imaginary friend was never a friend to begin with. They don’t care about you, they care about this bizarre image of you that they have in their heads. I never get people who get upset that people they thought cared about them suddenly no longer do. You’re better off without them. Focus on people who actually care about you for who you really are. No one else is worth your time.

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  7. Damn, there’s a lot of hostility and enmity in this one at times. O.o

  8. I don’t know. It didn’t feel like hostility when we were recording. Strong disagreement but not hostility.

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