Episode 81 – Lord of the Boners

This week’s episode is filled to the brim with our latest geeky boners.  Molly is totally addicted to a new podcast (that isn’t ours).  Nick tells a very convoluted story that leads to one of the strangest boners we’ve ever shared with anyone.  Tim gets all excited about a bunch of movies he’s watched many times before.  We also read a listener’s five answers from Germany!

Show notes below the fold:

Here’s where you can find Welcome to Night Vale

The Imdb page for Adam.

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4 Responses to Episode 81 – Lord of the Boners

  1. Andrew Hackard says:

    I have two comments, one horribly crass and one actually relevant.

    Crass first: Yeah, Germany in WWII had 99% Christians. At least at the *end* of the war.

    Relevant: My favorite two movie marathons were both Alamo events, naturally. About 12 years ago, they rented out a Pioneer Village-type place just east of Austin and had an all-night outdoor George Romero moviethon, with Night of the Living Dead, Creepshow, The Crazies, and Day of the Dead (they couldn’t find a good print of Dawn of the Dead, unfortunately). Romero was there and did a fun Q&A, including totally shutting someone down who wanted him to get really pissed about Shaun of the Dead, which wasn’t even out yet. Romero said he’d seen it and it was awesome. Go George!

    The other marathon was when Deathly Hallows Pt 2 came out; they opened a theater at 4:30 in the morning and ran all eight movies in a row, with 10-minute stretch and potty breaks between each of the first seven, and a longer break to fill up the theater before the midnight DH2 screening. It was really interesting watching the main cast *literally* grow as actors, and I’m glad there was so little recasting throughout the series; it gave it continuity it wouldn’t have had, otherwise. Fun day (and then I slept. A lot).

  2. Zach Nyhus says:

    Great episode!

    I listened to Ep. 1 of “Welcome to Night Vale” right afterwards, and I was struck by how incredibly similar to “A Prairie Home Companion” it is! Actually, it’s like if “A Prairie Home Companion” was made by David Lynch instead of Garrison Keillor. That’s how I’m going to describe it to people… :)

  3. Hi,
    you didn´t pronounce my name correctly, but i immensely enjoyed how you tried :)
    Stefan Soehnle

  4. I liked Welcome to Night Vale, but confess It seemed to wear out for me by about episode 20. Have you tried the “Drabblecast” or “Beware the Hairy Mango” podcasts?