Episode 80 – Coming Out

This week on Geeks Without God, our friend Emily joins us to come out as an atheist.  She talks about her exploration of religion, her growing doubts, and her eventual decision that she no longer believed in god. Tim also talks about some of the reasons he found it difficult to leave religion behind.  This show is Emily’s coming out announcement, and we are very honored she chose to share that moment with us!

And hey – if you are a friend or relative just finding out, remember that Emily is the same person she always was.  She just no longer believes in god.  And that’s OK.

If you are inclined to do so, please share your coming out story in the comments section.  How did you let your friends and family know?  Have you let them know yet?  How did it go?

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5 Responses to Episode 80 – Coming Out

  1. I can’t remember if I’ve specifically talked about coming out on the podcast (I think I have) but my story is pretty simple. I watched “Religulous” and at one point Maher points out that there are more atheists in America than several other politically powerful minority groups and I thought “that isn’t right.”

    I realized that being an atheist didn’t hurt anyone but remaining silent about it meant I was making it harder for the next person to just be honest with themselves and with the people around them.

    I never said to my friends and family “I’m coming out as an atheist.” I just started talking about the fact that I was one and how that impacted my actions and view of the world.

    What I found were a whole bunch of other people I already knew who had reached the same conclusion as me. It didn’t make us better friends but it certainly helped me realize that I wasn’t alone.

    My family has not abandoned me. We don’t really talk about religion but when we do, I’m not ostracized or made to feel different because I’m an atheist.

    Other people will have different experiences. For me, coming out was all about embracing what I felt to be true and choosing to state it out loud.

  2. Albatross says:

    Has anyone told Emily about the hazing? Because I have the paddles from the last one in the trunk of my car. Who has the blindfold?

  3. Meat+Dairy – The rules out of the old Testament/Torah were “Thou shalt not seethe a lamb in its mother’s milk.” Going all the way to “no meat + dairy” is being REALLY careful – I’m pretty sure hens don’t produce milk. Not eating a cheeseburger is at least mildly logical since both come from a cow, but chicken wings in ranch dressing?

  4. Okay next time Nick has a cold don’t let him sit by the microphone. I’m listening to his boogers here.