Episode 72 – DragonRaid

This week’s very special episode was recorded live at OmegaCon 2013 and features guests Brianne Bilyeu and Ceitius of the Xtreme Tasting League helping us play the Christian Role Playing game “DragonRaid!”  It’s not actually a role playing game, mind you, as that leads to Satan worship.  It is officially a fantasy simulation. It is also officially silly and overly complex.  Tim never even got to use his Hatred of evil skill.  Yes, that is an actual skill.While it is badly designed, we all agree it is nowhere near as poorly conceived as the Left Behind board game.  Sit back and enjoy our attempts to learn about Chrstianity through some of the most ill conceived analagies possible!

Note: Unlike the rest of our episodes, there is some editing on this one.  There were long gaps where we were paging through rule books and other boring stuff.  We cut some of that shit out.

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2 Responses to Episode 72 – DragonRaid

  1. Dan Skaarup says:

    This episode was really difficult to listen to. There was no audio or technical problems, the game was just incredibly cringe-inducing. I’m amazed you guys made it through the game as long as you did.

  2. Eleanor S says:

    This is hilarious. Every comment is just dripping with sarcasm!