Episode 61 – Fictional Gods

This week we are joined by Josh Nite (Mr. Skullhead from Kingdom of Loathing).  We have a very far reaching conversation that touches on KOL, Josh’s religious upbringing, and on the concept of writing about gods when you don’t actually believe in them.  Did we cover any of those topics in enough detail?  Probably not.  We’ll probably have to bring Josh back for another episode!  At the end of the episode, of course, Josh gets a shot at our five questions.

This post has been edited to include the actual episode!  Crazy, huh?

Show notes below the fold:

Josh is one of the co-hosts of the Horror Show Hotdog podcast.

We discuss the KOL guy and that is the pic we used for this episode.

We talk about Big Fun Radio Funtime and in case you haven’t listened to the show – here’s where you can find past episodes.

Here is information on the book Nation, by Terry Pratchett.  The character Josh talks about is Mau.





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7 Responses to Episode 61 – Fictional Gods

  1. Hey guys, How about a download link? My antique computer can’t run itunes so I have to download manually and you don’t have a link either here or on the RSS page for this episode.


  2. Herp Derpsman says:

    No download?

  3. My bad! I forgot to plug the link in to the post! Sorry!

  4. In addition to the book Nation, there was also mention of a book where some monks are completely closed off from the outside world most of the time, and just open up their doors every once in a while. I thought that sounded interesting as well, anybody got a title?

    • The book was Anathem, by Neal Stephenson. I really enjoyed it, let me know what you think if you check it out!

      • Sounds awesome, I’ve added it to my reading list. Unfortunately, my reading list grows faster than I can read. I’ll let you know what I think when/if I get to it :)

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