Episode 48 – CONvergence 2013!

This week we spend the entire episode geeking out about our favorite convention, CONvergence, where we recorded our first two episodes.  The convention starts exactly one month from the posting date of this episode! We try to talk about all the cool stuff we’ll be doing there this year but there is just too much.  We have to sum up.  If you’re interested in learning about the convention and finding out about opportunities to see us at the con, this is the episode to listen to!  Come join us for nerdy-gras!

Show notes below the fold.

If you are coming to the con and want to see any of us, you can find our schedules below:

Molly’s Schedule

Nick’s Schedule

Tim’s Schedule


Information about Skepchickcon panels that take place at the convention.

We mentioned Christopher Baldwin’s web comic Space Trawler.

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