Episode 43 – Too Much Goat Food

This week’s episode was recorded in Tim’s hotel room at Omegacon Spring.  Having spent the entire weekend playing games, we talk about some of our favorites before making a lengthy segue into  a story involving Molly’s birthday, a petting zoo and an empty change machine.  We also learn about an epic Japanese game show that Nick watched in the O-Con movie room. Once we finish our random geekery about the convention, we take time to read the answers to our five questions by our friend (and fellow Omegacon attendee) Timothy Iverson.

Show notes are below the fold:

More information about the Card Game “For Sale.”

Here’s a link to a YouTube video of 24 hour Tag.

More information about the game Tikal.

More information about Legendary.

More information about the Penny Arcade game expansion.

Tim mentions a recent Blog post that you can read here.

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5 Responses to Episode 43 – Too Much Goat Food

  1. The Cripple says:

    Ok So I am supposed to remember to answer Tim’s questions about Topps SW cards and Cookbooks.
    1.) Do I still have the SW, Indy, Batman cards. No. My a-hole family members thought i was too old to have them and threw them all out. The extras I sold to a local comic book store cause I was too heartbroken to even look at them anymore. Years later, ONE wrapper was auctioned off at Southerby’s for some ridiculous amount of money and my brother saw it on the news, and asked if I still had my cards. I of course said “NO you flippin’ A-HOLES you THREW THEM AWAY REMEMBER??!!!”
    2.) Do I have a favorite cookbook? This is a toughie. I love them all. One of my ex friends used to buy me gay gag gifts and one birthday she bought me the Richard Simmons Farewell To Fat Cookbook (hahah he’s gay funny joke. Oy.) But surprisingly, it has some of the best recipes I have ever had in my life in it. My favorite is “Where’s the beef Chili”, a vegetarian recipe. I’m not even a vegetarian! Also, I love William Sonoma’s SOUPS cookbook. I have lost nearly every book and collectible I have ever owned. Usually during a move. So that is why I don’t really collect anything anymore. However, I am building up quite a collection of Ebooks and movies! :) You guys are the best podcast EVAR!!! <3 Timmy

    • The biggest problem with all that stuff that became valuable when we grew up is that now we are telling our kids to save all of their random crap and that stuff will, of course, never be worth a damn thing.

  2. Eric Thompson says:

    The show Nick was talking about is called Gaki no Tsukai. It’s a hilarious and ridiculous show.

    • Yes! That’s it. I’ve been watching Silent Library on Youtube as well, since then. Great stuff.

  3. Albatross says:

    I LOL’ed when Tim said “You shouldn’t wear a Batman shirt if your parents are still alive.” Classic.