Episode 20 – I Believe in Australia

In this week’s episode, we talked with Matt Allex, co-host of the Apropos of Nothing podcast about helping a fellow atheist out of the closet. The story got us launched on the way we choose to talk about our atheism and what we hope to accomplish by doing so. ¬†Matt has some great observations about helping people to think critically as a way to help them find their way to atheism. He also answers our five questions.

Show notes below the fold:

Matt mentions Kingdom of Loathing or “KoL” a lot.

A little more info about V/H/S if you want it.

Also some information about Jesse Thorn.

Molly talks about getting the American Atheists symbol as a tattoo:











Here’s a picture of the Triple Pork sandwich:









Also a side view:


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4 Responses to Episode 20 – I Believe in Australia

  1. Albatross says:

    My favorite atheist insult is when theists say “Oh you’re too nice to be an atheist, I’m sure God is guiding you.” I mean, how patronizing can you be? If I were REALLY an atheist I wouldn’t be nice? I’m so stupid I don’t even know what I really believe? I’m being led through life by an invisible guy who’s so nice he’s LETTING me believe he doesn’t exist while controlling my actions to make me “nice.” Thanks. Fuck you.

  2. I just happened to have this on while playing KOL. Do we know who Matt is in game? I was aware Mr. Skullhead was an atheist. I’m curious which of the fillins for the KOL podcast is as well.

    • Matt is… Vaginalbloodfart? I’m not sure if I spelled that correctly. Molly is SaucyFlirt and I am Agrippa.

      Skully actually just recorded with us, keep an eye out for the episode soon!