The Cribbage Game!

(I’ll show you, Nick. Sober Molly keeps Drunk Molly’s promises!)

Peter and I were against each other in round two. I was trailing by maybe 15-16 points going into the final hand, whereas Peter had maybe 5 points to go to win. Peter dealt, his crib, I play. I manage to peg an incredible 13 points in mere gameplay, Peter pegs up to ONE POINT from a win. It’s my count first, and I am totally going to pass the finish because I have a doubled run. BUT THEN PETER GETS LAST CARD and wins!

Game of my life. I’m telling you.

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9 Responses to The Cribbage Game!

  1. Listening to the podcast again, I note that Molly said that she was going to write this in verse. I feel just a little bit cheated.

    • I thought I said it was a tale worthy of epic Greek poetry. I can add a chorus for morality, if you like.

      CHORUS: She played, she played, her card a spade, played too late, points astray
      CHORUS: See his card! The point is nigh. The count! The count!
      CHORUS: Fifteen two. Fifteen four. All hope runs out as blood from the wound.

  2. Albatross says:

    I’ll play you at cribbage sometime, Molly.
    Back a zillion years ago – I mean, 1991 – I learned to play cribbage on a Macintosh computer. About the third game I played, I drew a jack and three fives. I thought “This is supposed to be good, right?” so I took a screenshot of it saved with the name “Could it be?”
    Then I cut a five.
    The Jack didn’t match the five, but I still got 28 points and two screenshots. About the third game of cribbage I ever played.
    Someday I’ll dig the screenshots out of my Mac archives.

  3. David Zimmerman says:

    I thought you guys were cool before, but cribbage, too!?

  4. Lollygirlie1 says:

    EUCHRE AND CRIBBAGE DEATH MATCH! It is OOOONNN! (Tim knows how to contact me.)