Episode 16 – Vote No

Our guest this week is Tony Miller, who plays Shamus the Insulter at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival (as well as other festivals around the country).  He was raised in the Menonnite church but moved away from it when he was in his thirties, eventually resolving that he was an atheist.  As we talked about his reasons for leaving the church, we found ourselves turning to the upcoming ballot initiative to limit the right to marry in Minnesota.  It was a pretty emphatic conversation and if you can take anything from it, we hope it is the desire to convince just one person you know to change their vote to “no.”  Tony then answered our five questions and his choice of sandwich will excite those of you who are not vegetarians.

Show notes below the fold:

An article on the effects of the repeal of Don’t ask Don’t Tell.

We talked about the Hitchins/Fry debate.  Here’s a link to the debate.  It’s well worth the watch.

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