An Insider’s Guide to Upcoming Episodes

In case you’d like to know how things are shaping up over at Geeks Without God HQ, here’s what we have on tap for the next four weeks:

October 9th – We talk with our friend Porter about his journey to unbelief and the concept of killing people in the name of imaginary friends.  Of course, he also gets a crack at our five questions.

October 16th – Our October geeky boner episode will cover spreadsheets, Borderlands 2, Tim’s band and how much we all love Halloween. We’ll also read off another listeners’ responses to our five questions.

October 23rd – Our guest Tony Miller talks about growing up as a Mennonite and we all get pretty worked up about the proposed amendment to ban gay marriage.

October 30th – Another episode that uses a movie as a jumping off point.  This time we are talking about The Contender, a political film that features an atheist protagonist. It also stars Jeff Bridges.  Just sayin’

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