Episode 10 – The Amazing Meeting

Our guest this week is Josh Humphrey from the Twin Cities Theater Connection Podcast, who recently attended The Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas.  He Tells us about the psychic challenge, Penn’s Doughnuts and Bacon party and Teller’s movie.  We also talk about some of the harassment concerns that were raised prior to the event and how those issues played out at the convention. Then Josh answers our five questions.  If this podcast doesn’t make you want to attend TAM 11 next year, we don’t know what we can do to convince you!

Josh also teases us because we weren’t on iTunes yet.   We just want to point out that we are now.

Show notes below the fold:

TAM is run by the James Randi foundation.

Here’s video of the million dollar challenge at TAM 10.

A little information about Teller’s show “Play Dead.”

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