Answer our five Questions!

Hey everyone – as of our August 21st podcast, the three hosts will have answered our five questions and that means when we don’t have a guest, we don’t have anyone to answer our five questions!  What are we going to do????

We’re going to ask you to answer them!

If you’d like to answer our questions and have us read them over the air, send an e-mail to Tim, Nick or Molly @geekswithoutgod.com.  Make sure you put “Five Questions” in the subject line.

We want your answers to these questions:

1)  What was the best movie you saw in the last 30 days (in the theatre or at home)

2) Who is your favorite atheist/agnostic/non-theist character?

3)  What is your geekiest hobby?

4)  What is your favorite sandwich?  Please be specific and descriptive.

5)  What is the stupidest/strangest thing anyone has said to you about your atheism/skepticism?

Remember, don’t answer the questions in the comments – e-mail us your answers!  We’ll start reading them off on the show as soon as we receive some!

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2 Responses to Answer our five Questions!

  1. Besomyka says:

    1) Brave
    2) House
    3) I’m a professional video game programmer. If not that, then table top gaming.
    4) Right now it’s The Nobel Pigs’ turkey club. House smoked bacon cut thick (we’re talking half-inch slabs), herb roasted turkey, house-cured olive-oil pickels, lettuce and tomato, on three slices of toasted whole-wheat bread with a good smear of mayo.

    • Two things – that’s only *four* answers and we asked you to *e-mail* them so we could read them on the podcast! Thanks for the answers!