Episode 2 – It’s the Hat

Our second episode was also recorded in front of a live audience at CONvergence 2012.  Our guest was Kammy Lyon from Skepchick.org.  She was super nervous about recording in front of real people but she did a great job.  We talked  about SkepchicCON, the party that Skepchick.org hosts at the Convention as well as giving some advice to atheists who are trying to come out of the closet.  Unfortunatley, we have to stop the conversation short.  We’ll return to the topic in a future podcast for sure. We also talked about trying to keep words like “god,”  “faith,” and other idioms out of our language and decided that was just too annoying. She answered our five questions and made all of us very hungry.  In fact, we’re still hungry and waiting for a Geeks Without God party at her house!

We talk a little bit about a video Rebecca Watson made that pissed  people off.  Here’s a link to the video in question.

Here’s a link to Tim’s Blog about “Brave”.

Molly and Kammy refer to an article by Hitchens.  If you want to know what they are talking about, here it is.

Here’s a picture of Tim wearing the hat.  See?  You totally can’t tell who he is!

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One Response to Episode 2 – It’s the Hat

  1. Albatross says:

    I’m trying to replace theistic curses with non-theistic ones. Keep an eye out for my new epithet “Higgs Boson!”