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  • Patreon Exclusive Episode

    Hey loyal listeners!

    When we reached the first level of our Patreon campaign ($50), we promised two exclusive episodes every year just for Patreon supporters!

    We’ve been trying to set up a ghost hunting tour for the better part of the last year and when you combine our tricky schedules with the fact the ghost hunting tour available locally does a really shitty job of having tours available, we haven’t been able to make that happen yet.

    So since we owed our supporters a special episode, we spent your money to visit psychics! Tim went to see a Tarot reader and Nick and Molly both did a phone reading from the same local psychic!

    What happened? The only way to know is to listen to the episode! And the only way to listen to the episode is to be a Patreon supporter!

    Here’s a link to the episode! We are only $7 in support away from our next goal, which will allow us to purchase a whole lot of additional equipment we can use to improve the audio quality of our podcast even more than we have over the last year!  Stuff like headphones to make remote recording easier! And another couple of solo microphones so we don’t have to share mics when we have a guest!

    Whether you support us or not, thanks for listening!

  • Episode 199 – Episode 199

    Geeks Without GodIn this week’s redundantly named episode, we take a look back at almost 200 episodes of Geeks Without God.  We talk about some of our favorite episodes, guests, and memories from nearly four years of podcasting.  We also take a look back at our original five questions to see how (and if) our answers have changed over the last several years.  It is a belly button gazing extravaganza where we take a look backwards before taking a look ahead!

    And hey!  Don’t you wish you could have listened to this episode last week? If you were a $2 supporter of our Patreon campaign, you could have! For just $24 a year, you get episodes as soon as Tim edits them, which is an average of a week early.  You’ll also help us improve the quality of our podcasts!

  • 200 Episodes and Counting

    Laughing it up while recording episode #200! Photo by Bob Alberti
    Laughing it up while recording episode #200!
    Photo by Bob Alberti

    I’m writing this blog before episode 200 airs because the live event has already happened and that means as long as there is not a global apocalypse or I die suddenly, it will most definitely air.

    And while both of those things are possible, they are not probable.  So I’m assuming we’ll make it.  Just in case I’m wrong, I’ve included some pictures from the event.

    If you missed our live show, you missed the announcement of our Patreon launch.

    This is a big step for us because it means we are asking for listener support to help us improve our product.  We’ve had a great time getting this far but we want to go further and get better.

    Here’s just a few things we are really proud of:

    • We’ve recorded 200 episodes in which none of the three of us have missed an episode
    • We have never missed a week
    • We’ve had great conversations with a number of really interesting guests including Trace Beaulieu, Zach Weinersmith, Jennifer Oulette, Rebecca Watson, and so many more!
    • We’ve mentioned Jeremy Stomberg a lot.  We really don’t know how many times but it is definitely over 100.
    Jeremy Stomberg made it to our 200th episode! Take a drink! Photo by Bob Alberti
    Jeremy Stomberg made it to our 200th episode! Take a drink!
    Photo by Bob Alberti

    I’ve been responsible for putting together the podcast each and every week and since the beginning, we’ve been recording on a omnidirectional microphone that works just fine.  But we can do better.

    That’s why we are launching a Patreon campaign.  If you listen to our show and enjoy what we do, you could help us out.  Here’s what your money can get us:

    If we reach $50 a month, we’ll record two special episodes a year that are going to be available only to Patreon supporters.  These could be episodes that explore specific issues more in depth, or episodes where we go on a field trip, or episodes suggested by a Patreon supporter.

    If we reach $100 a month, we’ll be upgrading our equipment!  We’ll get some new microphones, a mixing board, and some software to help us record more remote episodes, which will really help us increase the number of great guests we can get to join us.

    If we reach $150, we’ll be able to hire a web designer to improve our web site!

    If we reach $200, we’re going to get ourselves a button machine!

    If we reach $500, we’ll be able to take some epic field trips.  Like maybe visiting the Creation Museum or going to the Vatican!

    I know that $500 seems like a lot.  But we have over 1000 regular listeners and if only half of you supported us with $1 a month, we’d be there already!

    And we know you might not be able to support us.  That’s cool.  It’s your money.

    But if you enjoy the show and you can throw a little bit towards making it even better, we’d not only thank you, we will shower you with special stuff! Like early access to our podcasts or even the opportunity to eavesdrop while we record!

    So thanks for listening.  I can’t believe we made it to 200 episodes.

    At least I hope we will.  You never know when that comet is going to hit.

    If you want to know more about our Patreon campaign, you can click on the Patreon button in the right hand column.  Right there.  The orange one.  That says Patreon on it.


    Our guests for episode #200 - Barb Abney and Jeremy Messersmith Photo by Bob Alberti
    Our guests for episode #200 – Barb Abney and Jeremy Messersmith
    Photo by Bob Alberti