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  • Episode 142 – Getting Jobbed

    job-changeThis week’s episode was recorded in a hotel room at Die Laughing.  We sat down with Josh Nite,  who has joined us before. Previously, we had talked about his now former job with Kingdom of Loathing.  This time, we talked with him about job transitions as all four of us have made some major career changes in the last few months.   Somehow, we manage to tie it back to atheism and the idea that you need to make the most of the life you have.  Josh also asks us three questions.  So he still owes us two.  We’ll probably have to invite him back.

  • Episode 61 – Fictional Gods

    This week we are joined by Josh Nite (Mr. Skullhead from Kingdom of Loathing).  We have a very far reaching conversation that touches on KOL, Josh’s religious upbringing, and on the concept of writing about gods when you don’t actually believe in them.  Did we cover any of those topics in enough detail?  Probably not.  We’ll probably have to bring Josh back for another episode!  At the end of the episode, of course, Josh gets a shot at our five questions.

    This post has been edited to include the actual episode!  Crazy, huh?

    Show notes below the fold:

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