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  • Episode 90 – The Return of Arrogant Atheists

    This week, we double back to the topic we spent some time on in Episode 82.  Are atheists more arrogant that theists or agnostics or any other subset of people who choose to speak their mind?  Is using your religion as a political tool and less arrogant?  Is the simple belief that you are right about something an arrogant belief?  As you might expect, we have answers for all of these as well as five answers from another listener!

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  • Episode 82 – The Arrogance of Atheists

    1510774_10202100240040276_281772362_nThis week we are joined by our friend Mark Lazarchic to talk about why he does not admit he is an atheist.  His reasons are not new or unique, which is not to say they lack justification.  We talk with him about the perceived and actual behavior of the atheists he knows as well as his own reluctance to identify with his beliefs.  We talk over each other a lot. Somewhere in there, we talk about other stuff like improvisational comedy, health care, Libertarianism, and the fact Mark is a big fat hypocrite.  Mark also answers our five questions.

    Pictured above: Mark demanded sparkling water and Cheetos waiting for him.  And we provided them.  Future guests shouldn’t expect the same treatment.

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