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  • Listen to our Appearance on Atheists Talk!

    A couple of weeks ago, we were guests on the Atheists Talk Radio Program.  Our house was friend of the show Brienne Bilyeu.  We talked about the genesis of the podcast, some of our favorite episodes and all sorts of other fun stuff.  Want an mp3 of the show?  Done!

    If the player below doesn’t work for you, you can always find the episode on the Minnesota Atheists web site!




  • Episode 54 – Therefore Hitler

    For the second of our live CONvergence reocordings, we were joined by PZ Myers from FreethoughtBlogs. PZ has been sporting a Geeks Without God sticker on his iPad case since last year’s convention and we were excited we could finally thank him for taking our sticker all over the world.  We talked with PZ about the evidence for evolution and how you can establish a beachhead with Creationists. PZ, of course, was also asked our five questions.  Hard to believe he was able to give us only one answer when we asked him about the stupidest thing anyone has ever said to him about his atheism.  We could probably do an entire podcast with PZ about that one question.  Perhaps someday we shall.

    Show notes below the fold:

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  • Episode 53 – Arm Rest Etiquette

    Well, we managed to complete a full year of episodes without missing a single week.  This episode marks the beginning of our second year.  We celebrated our anniversary by bringing back our first guest, Melissa Kaercher and recording the show live at CONvergence 2013.  A packed room of geeks joined us as we talked about being raised in and out of faith and how that impacts our view of the world now.  Melissa also asked us five questions, one of which led to an extensive discussion about the proper etiquette of arm rest usage on airplanes and in movie theatres.

    Thanks to all of our listeners for a great first year!  We can’t wait for what will happen in year two!

  • CONvergence is here!

    Just in case you have missed the two podcasts in which we talked about CONvergence, we wanted to offer a quick rundown on places you can see all of us at the convention!

    All three of us will be in the Opening Ceremonies Sketch at 7:00 PM on Thursday, July 4th.  Opening ceremonies takes place on Main Stage so we’ve hit the BIG TIME!

    On Friday at 3:30, the three of us will be improvising conspiracy theories with our friend Jeremy Stomberg on It’s a CONspiracy!  That will be in Atrium 4.

    At 8:00 PM on Friday, we’ll be hosting the Fearless Comedy Room in room 224!  Stop in and try to win the Left Behind Board game, enjoy a specially selected Geeks Without God alcoholic treat and pledge to support Fearless Comedy Productions!

    And on Saturday at 5:00, we’ll be celebrating our one year anniversary by recording two live podcasts!  The first will be with our innauguarl guest, Melissa Kaercher and the second will be with noted atheist blogger PZ Myers!

    Of course all three of us will also be a part of Vilification Tennis on the Main Stage at 10:00 PM Saturday.  That is, of course, a very R rated show so if that isn’t your thing, we have no idea why you listen to our podcast!

    We’re also doing many other panels separately so if you want to know what we’re up to, here are links to Molly, Nick and Tim’s schedules!

    We hope to see you at the con!

  • Episode 48 – CONvergence 2013!

    This week we spend the entire episode geeking out about our favorite convention, CONvergence, where we recorded our first two episodes.  The convention starts exactly one month from the posting date of this episode! We try to talk about all the cool stuff we’ll be doing there this year but there is just too much.  We have to sum up.  If you’re interested in learning about the convention and finding out about opportunities to see us at the con, this is the episode to listen to!  Come join us for nerdy-gras!

    Show notes below the fold.

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  • Episode 40 – Skep-Tech 2013 Panel

    897226_10152718097740545_281864495_oWe were guests at the Skep-Tech conference last weekend and moderated a panel featuring Greta Christina, Zach Weinersmith, Chelsea Du Fresne and Tim Farley (it’s pronounced FAR-lee; sorry for the mispronunciation in the intro, Tim!).  We asked our panelists some questions about skepticism and technology and then opened up the floor for audience questions.  The sound quality is a bit poor this week because we weren’t able to take the feed directly from the sound board and there are a few edits when it was difficult to hear an audience question (our sincere apologies to anyone whose question was trimmed).  Also, for the first time ever, we don’t ask our panelists our five questions! CRAZY!

    Photo courtesy of Bob Alberti.

    If you’d like to know more about our panelists including where they are blogging and tweeting, information is below the fold:

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  • Live Podcasting Appearances!

    We love doing the live podcasting thing and in April, we’ll be recording several live podcasts for your viewing and listening pleasure.

    We’ll be Featured guests at Skep-Tech, which takes place April 5th, 6th & 7th.  You can view the schedule here.

    Currently, we are going to be hosting and recording a panel discussion about skepticism and technology featuring Tim Farley, Greta Christina, Zach Weinersmith and Maggie Koerth-Baker.   Yes, our plan is pretty much to shut up and let the rest of the panel talk.  That panel will run from 7:00 – 7:50 on Friday, April 5th.

    We also have two live podcast/interviews set up!

    At 8:00 on the 5th, we’ll be recording a podcast with Jen McCreight.  We’re going to be talking religion and Game of Thrones.


    UPDATE:  Jen has, unfortunately, had to cancel her appearance at the conference.  We’re working to secure a different guest and we’ll update this post as new information becomes available.  Hopefully we can get Jen on the podcast at a later date.

    Instead, we’ve scheduled a podcast with Greta Christina to talk about her recent book “Why are you Atheists so Angry? 99 Things that Piss off the Godless.”

    At 9:30 on Sunday the 7th, we’ll be recording with Zach Weinersmith

    Skep-Tech is a free conference so we encourage you to register and join us!

    Later in the month, the three of us will be at Omegacon Spring in Siren Wisconsin!  The fall convention was where we recorded the legendary Drunk Molly episode so who knows what will happen this time?  Date and time one this one is TBD because it is a slacker con and we’ll do it when we feel like it!

    And this year’s CONvergence marks our one year anniversary!  We’ll be recording two podcasts live.  One of them will be with our first ever guest Melissa Kaercher and the other will feature PZ Myers! The schedule for the convention will go live in a month or so so we’ll have date/time information soon.

    P.S: We’ll have time to record an extra podcast or three at CONvergence and we’d love to record with out-of-town guests.  If you are a fan of the show, have a good idea for an episode topic and you’ll be at the convention, let us know!


  • Geeks Without God Podcasting Live THIS SATURDAY!

    Hello to all of our local fans!  Do you want to enjoy a live recording of your favorite hosts talking to the very funny Aric McKeown?  And yes, we do mean the same Aric McKeown who is one half of the wildly funny improv duo The Mustache Rangers.

    Well, we’ll be doing a live recording as part of the Fearless Comdey Launch Party this Saturday the 12th at 6:30 PM!

    The event runs from 6:00 to midnight and will also feature PowerPoint Karaoke, The Durty Curls and Joseph Scrimshaw.  There is a $20 suggested donation at the door and all proceeds will go to Fearless Comedy Productions.

    So please – come and see us on Saturday!

    If you can’t make it, listen for the results of our live recording next Tuesday!

    Please note the event is 18+

  • Buckle up for the Podcast!

    Hey folks!  This week, we did a guest appearance on the podcast of our Fearless Comedy partners, Apropos of Nothing!  The result was nothing short of crazy.  Ever wonder what it would sound like if Tim drank scotch?  You will find out!

    Ever wonder what our podcast would sound like if it was twice as long and had no agenda whatsoever? You will find out!

    The show is filled with swear words and unpopular opinions.  Also a rather long conversation about peeing. You’ve been warned!

    This, by the way, is part one of an epic crossover event!  Next Tuesday, you can listen to part two RIGHT HERE!!!

    Now go listen!

  • Geeks Without God Fearless Events

    Hey everyone!  As part of our new partnership with Fearless Comedy, we have a couple of special podcasting events scheduled.

    First, we’ll be recording a crossover episode with our fellow Fearless partners, Appropos of Nothing.  In early January, we’ll all be sitting down for a epic podcasting evening.  The three of us will be guests on the AON Podcast and then the three of them will appear on our podcast.

    Scheduled air dates for those two shows are January 3rd for the Appropos of Nothing Podcast and January 8th for Geeks Without God.

    We will also be recording our podcast live at the Fearless Comedy launch party on January 12th!  Our scheduled guest will be Aric McKeown from the Mustache Rangers!

    We’ll be talking about a lot more stuff in conjunction with Fearless Comedy.  We’ve even got an episode devoted to it later this month.  It’ll get pretty obnoxious.

    It’ll also be full of atheism, geekery and comedy so you can take the obnoxious, right?