Episode 200 – The Music of our Lives

Laughing it up while recording episode #200!  Photo by Bob Alberti
Photo by Bob Alberti

Our fabled 200th episode has arrived!  Recorded live on stage at the Bryant Lake Bowl, we are joined by Barb Abney and Jeremy Messersmith to talk about the mix tapes of our lives.  All five of us go through a list of songs that sort of tell a story about who we are.  There’s a lot of music and we probably should have put together playlists that we could link to but at this point, you should probably just go look all of this music up for yourself.  Unless you already own it.  Then good for you!

Technical note: Molly’s microphone was going in and out during the recording of this episode so she can be a little difficult to hear.  For those of you who know Molly, it is definitely not because she is too quiet.

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One Response to Episode 200 – The Music of our Lives

  1. My soundtrack:
    Roxette – Joyride – Joyride (first CD, sing-a-long on school bus, I still like the singles)
    They Might Be Giants – Istanbul – Flood (first CD actively sought because of Tiny Toons video)
    Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence – Violator (spoke to my high school loneliness)
    Faith No More – Midlife Crisis – Angel Dust (was then only CD in McDonald’s break room I liked – most were country)
    Live – Shit Towne – Throwing Copper (my first concert – hated my hometown and feelings of isolation in it)
    Love Spit Love – Am I Wrong? – Love Spit Love ([one of the] first song I learned on guitar)
    Ben Folds Five – Song for the Dumped – Whatever and Ever Amen (theme song to first relationship’s end)
    Sheryl Crow – On the Outside – Songs in the Key of X (college isolation angst)
    The Tim Malloys – One Night in Boston – Drunkards Bastards and Blackguards (bonding with primary post-college friends)
    Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams – American Idiot (adult isolation angst)
    Lindsey Stirling – Crystallize – (intro to the “dubstep” sound, which I like)