Episode 192 – Growing up Secular

warholbarbie2This week marks an exciting new era for Geeks Without God – we have our first remote guest! Felicity Kusinitz joins us all the way from Massachusetts via Skype and talks with us about growing up in a predominantly secular household and how that impacted her early encounters with religion.  She also gets to answer our five questions and there is a brief conversation about McRibs.  Because these things happen on our podcast for reasons best left unexplored.

Note: There might be a few more long pauses in the podcast due to the delay using Skype to record.  Also, there are a couple times where we all start talking over one another because we didn’t realize someone else was still talking.  Overall, though, this is pretty exiting!  Our Australian listeners might be able to guest one day!

Show notes below the fold:

Links to stuff Felicity mentioned in the podcast:

Secular Women

The Flopcast

And, of course, a picture of Andy Warhol Barbie!



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