Episode 29 – Left Behind

This week, we delve headfirst into another in-depth movie episode.  Instead of a movie we like, though, this is the absolutely horrible fundamentalist Christian screed, Left Behind.  Molly and Nick gave the movie to Tim as a gag gift and so, to punish them, we all sat down together to watch the thing.  Friends, it is not a good movie.  When we say we suffered for you on this one, you can trust us – we suffered. This podcast is as close as you should ever get to the movie.  So please, enjoy!  (P.S: We also read Marc Baker’s answers to our five questions)

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron talking about a banana.

If you’ve missed it in the past, here’s information about Tim’s Alphabetical Movie Project, including a blog entry about Johnny Mnemonic (it is pretty clear Nick and Molly read it).

Here’s a brief video Nick shot of the DVD load screen:


Also, here’s some of the results for the Google search “Kirk Cameron is…”



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6 Responses to Episode 29 – Left Behind

  1. Burger Place is in the Minneapolis Skyway System, in the US Bank Building (Pillsbury Center).

  2. This video helps explain why Nic Cage would be willing to appear in a Left Behind movie: http://youtu.be/eExfV_xKaiM

  3. You think the first one is bad, try the third one. You will find out that the President of the United States can be snuck out of White House multiple times without the Secret Service catching on. And that’s not the only plot problem, bwahahahaha.

    I would the life energy I lost seeing that movie back!