Podcasting to Keep you Warm

Well, now that we’ve made it through the holidays, we actually have a plan for our next cycle of podcasts!  If you are one of those folks who likes to look ahead, here is what you can expect over the next few weeks.

January 22nd – Left Behind

We teased it a little bit on last week’s episode but this week, you can hear our reactions to the fundamentalist screed Left Behind.  Spoiler: it is a terrible terrible movie. We also read and respond to listener Marc Baker’s five questions.

January 29th – Ronn Bauman, Take 2

Waaaay back in September, we did an episode with Ronn and we had so much fun, we recorded a second one that same night.  Then, the next morning, we recorded that first one again.  Long story.  We then proceeded to place that second recording in the Geeks Without God vault.  Until now.

February 5th – February Geeky Boners

We had so much other cool stuff going on in January, we totally skipped our geeky boners.  We’ll start February out right by exploring the geeky stuff that currently has us excited.  Will we be reading answers to our five questions?  Of course!

February 12th – Unitiarianism

We’ll have a talk with our friend Bob Alberti about being an atheist and going to a church.  A Universal Unitarian church, that is.

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