Episode 27 – Apropos of Something

This week is part II of our epic Fearless Comedy crossover EVENT!  Last week, the three of us appeared on Apropos of Nothing and this week, the hosts of AON appear on our podcast!  With three guests, we didn’t have much time for anything but five questions.  Salsa and Jena answered our five questions and then Matt, by virtue of being a former guest, asked the three of us his own five questions (a podcast tradition established by Ronn Bauman during a an episode that will air in a few weeks).  So that was a mere ten questions and we talked for almost an hour!  Matt managed to ask a question that got all three of us to say something sure to anger at least one person listening so keep your ears peeled for that!

Show Notes below the fold:

Here’s the official web page of The Secret of Kells.

Nick talked about The Mandarin.

Tim talked about The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins, Nick talked about God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens and Molly talked about American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

Nick said his favorite religious character is Orel Puppington but we didn’t talk about it at all so here’s a little more information about the character.

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6 Responses to Episode 27 – Apropos of Something

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  2. When we were discussing books that deal with religion in interesting ways (American Gods, Small Gods, etc.) I was trying to think of the name of a book I read just out of high school that had a similar idea. It finally occured to me the book was Earthgame. I think it is out of print unfortunately.


  3. Jen Doyle says:

    On behalf of the polyamory community, I apologize. I’m sorry that poly people have been annoying and intrusive. The same things that annoy mono folks annoy poly folks – we avoid the ‘more poly than thou’, ‘the recruiters’, ‘the collectors’, etc. Their behavior doesn’t help make poly seem like the loving, comforting, fulfilling thing that it can be – it just makes us look like, well, furries. :-/

    • You don’t have to apologize. Honestly, I was thinking about one particularly annoying individual when I brought it up. I probably should have said that at the time but…you know…live theatre.

    • What Tim said. I totally know that one bad experience or pushy person doesn’t represent a group as a whole, and I try not to prejudge.

      I don’t care what consenting adults do with/to other consenting adults, no matter how many of them there are. Along those lines, I believe as long as marriage is a legal contract, there’s no reason more than two people can’t get married, share benefits, etc.

      Sounds like a complicated nightmare to me, but if that’s how you roll, then more power to you.

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