• Episode 288 – How to be Reasonable

    51Wew8ExTRL._SR600,315_PIWhiteStrip,BottomLeft,0,35_PIAmznPrime,BottomLeft,0,-5_SCLZZZZZZZ_This week, we are joined by Rebecca Fox, who recently published “How to be Reasonable (by Someone Who Tried Everything Else)” a graphic novel about skepticism. She is both the artist and the writer of the book and we were lucky enough to get a copy for ourselves. We talk with her about the inspiration behind the book and she asks us an epic set of five questions. And hey – she is British!  BTW – the mix on Rebecca’s track is a little low compared to the host mix. Remote recordings can be a little frustrating but the episode is well worth the audio challenges!  Also, go buy a copy of the book for yourself!

  • Episode 287 – More Mini Geek Debates

    unnamed-5We didn’t have one really good topic for this week’s episode so we picked a whole bunch of them! We are going to cycle through a bunch of short debates on a variety of topics including some geeky questions (Star Wars or MCU) and some not so geeky ones (mooning vs. streaking).  We cover a lot of ground and spend a lot of time trying to rules lawyer the hell out of every one of these questions.  Enjoy!

  • Episode 286 – Goodbye 2017

    il_340x270.1413986233_id2nFor our first episode of the New Year, we are going to take a look back at 2017. Instead of focusing on the negative (and there was a lot of that), we decided to look at the good things about the previous year. We talk about some movies, books, and television shows we loved as well as some news stories that made us smile. Sure, there were some awful things that happened in 2017 but let’s stay positive for just a little while!

  • Episode 285 – The Last Jedi

    v1.bjsxNTU5OTU1O2o7MTc1Njg7MTIwMDsxNDA4OzUwMAThis week features a spoiler filled episode all about Star Wars: The Last Jedi! The movie has divided the fan community but it has not divided those of us at the Geeks Without God command center! We all really enjoyed the film to varying degrees. We do our best to take a look at some of the criticisms leveled at the film and fairly consider them but really, we just enjoyed the hell out of this movie. If you did not, it will likely be your least favorite episode of Geeks Without God EVER!

  • Episode 284 – Navigating Christmas

    santa-hanukkah-menorah-christmas-treeChristmas is almost upon us and while most atheists still enjoy the holiday season in spite of the many religious trappings, sometimes it can be challenging. We spend this episode talking about some of the things we miss about celebrating Christmas when we weren’t atheists and some of the things we don’t miss at all. We also talk about how to navigate those tricky family gatherings when we are both in and out of the atheist closet. Enjoy the holidays, but be sure to set boundaries for yourself and nobody should ever be forced to go to church.

  • Episode 283 – Infinity Boners

    135325-7171-infinity-gauntletIt is time again for a geeky boner episode! We convene to talk about whatever nerdy stuff has us engorged and we have some really good ones this week! Tim encourages you to go see a movie that everyone has been saying is really good but maybe you haven’t listened to them yet! Molly is super excited about a new TV series! And Nick is completely obsessed with a movie trailer! Perhaps you can guess which one! Also we have answers to five questions!

  • Episode 282 – Omegacon Gaming Roundup 2017

    Nmbr9-1This episode was recorded live at Omegacon Fall 2017 with our friend and gaming geek Brianne Bilyeu! We talk over some of the new games we played over the weekend (there weren’t as many as we’d hoped there would be). We all came away big fans of Nmbr9 so that’s probably one you should check out! Brianne, having just answered our five questions, proceeds to ask five questions of us!

  • Patreon Exclusive Episode

    Hey loyal listeners!

    When we reached the first level of our Patreon campaign ($50), we promised two exclusive episodes every year just for Patreon supporters!

    We’ve been trying to set up a ghost hunting tour for the better part of the last year and when you combine our tricky schedules with the fact the ghost hunting tour available locally does a really shitty job of having tours available, we haven’t been able to make that happen yet.

    So since we owed our supporters a special episode, we spent your money to visit psychics! Tim went to see a Tarot reader and Nick and Molly both did a phone reading from the same local psychic!

    What happened? The only way to know is to listen to the episode! And the only way to listen to the episode is to be a Patreon supporter!

    Here’s a link to the episode! We are only $7 in support away from our next goal, which will allow us to purchase a whole lot of additional equipment we can use to improve the audio quality of our podcast even more than we have over the last year!  Stuff like headphones to make remote recording easier! And another couple of solo microphones so we don’t have to share mics when we have a guest!

    Whether you support us or not, thanks for listening!

  • Updated Salvation Army Slips!

    We’ve updated our popular Salvation Army protest slips this year! Not only is the language more inclusive, but we put a reminder to put your money where your well-meaning snark is, and have suggested several great charities that could use your love this holiday season (and year-round). Here are the PDF version as well as a JPG so you can see it easily in this post.

    Happy holidays! Merry Crimbo! Peace on Earth and goodwill toward all sentient beings.
    xoxo Molly, Tim, and Nick

    GWG Salvation Army Slips PDF for printing

    The JPG version (the PDF link above is better for printing)
    The JPG version (the PDF link above is better for printing)

  • Episode 281 – Redemption: The Collectible Card Game

    s-l225This week, we are joined by returning guest Brianne Bilyeu. We are all at OmegaCon and friend of the show Ellie Younger has gifted us the collectible card game Redemption!  The basic idea is to use your army of god to rescue lost souls while also using your forces of evil to stop your opponent from doing the same thing. We play test it for your enjoyment but not really for ours. What is it about Christian game designers and their inability to make games worth playing?

    Below the fold, you will find several pictures of the strangely erotic cards.

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