• Episode 293 – The Fun in Funeral

    cff_we-put-the-fun-in-funeralThis week, we talk about funerals and other death rituals. Tim is headed to a funeral for a friend who passed away and that prompts us to talk about what we want for our memorial service and what bothers us about religious ceremonies around someone’s death. It’s a morbid topic but we’re comedians so we do our best to lighten the mood. The one thing we can’t figure out is why an atheist would want to be buried.

  • Episode 292 – Hamlet and God

    shakeThis week’s episode, we are joined once again by Charles Hubbell to talk about Shakespeare. He recently played Claudius in a production of “Hamlet” and talks to us about being an atheist playing religious character. We talk about religion in “Hamlet” as well as Shakespeare’s other plays.  Charles also prepared for us a series of Shakespeare questions that we get to answer! ALSO, we address the question of whether or not we say “MacBeth” in the theater!

  • Episode 291 – Field of Boners

    "Field of Dreams" will be screened at Dodger Stadium following the April 26, 2014, game against the Colorado Rockies.

    It is time for another episode filled with nerdy stuff we are excited about as well as childish dick jokes!  As comedians, we just need to make a whole bunch of dick jokes every couple of months so thanks goodness for Geeky Boner episodes!  This week, Nick is having a great time with a new gaming computer, Molly is looking forward to a long overdue vacation, and Tim just got back from a vacation that got him even more excited about Star Wars than he already was!  We also read the LAST set of answers to our five questions that was in the queue! If you send in your answers, we will read them really soon!

  • Episode 290 – 2018 Nerd Preview

    Han-Solo-Movie-New-Shot-Millennium-Falcon-RonThis week, we take a look forward at what is on the horizon for us nerds in early 2018. We look at movie releases both large (Avengers), not as large (Annihilation) and obscure but relevant to our interests (God’s not Dead 3????)  We also take a look at some television series including some intriguing new titles as well as new seasons of solid old favorites. We even toss in a few books and games. Also, did you hear there is a new Star Wars film coming out in May???

  • Episode 289 – The Punisher

    o1KF0ha4This week, we are joined by returning guest Mark Sherman, who is our resident Marvel comics expert. Mark is with us to talk about the Netflix Punisher series which is streaming for all (who have paid for Netflix)! We look at the way this series is stylistically different from the Netflix Marvel titles that have preceded it and talk about what we think works with this one. We also have a very interesting five question exchange!

  • Episode 288 – How to be Reasonable

    51Wew8ExTRL._SR600,315_PIWhiteStrip,BottomLeft,0,35_PIAmznPrime,BottomLeft,0,-5_SCLZZZZZZZ_This week, we are joined by Rebecca Fox, who recently published “How to be Reasonable (by Someone Who Tried Everything Else)” a graphic novel about skepticism. She is both the artist and the writer of the book and we were lucky enough to get a copy for ourselves. We talk with her about the inspiration behind the book and she asks us an epic set of five questions. And hey – she is British!  BTW – the mix on Rebecca’s track is a little low compared to the host mix. Remote recordings can be a little frustrating but the episode is well worth the audio challenges!  Also, go buy a copy of the book for yourself!

  • Episode 287 – More Mini Geek Debates

    unnamed-5We didn’t have one really good topic for this week’s episode so we picked a whole bunch of them! We are going to cycle through a bunch of short debates on a variety of topics including some geeky questions (Star Wars or MCU) and some not so geeky ones (mooning vs. streaking).  We cover a lot of ground and spend a lot of time trying to rules lawyer the hell out of every one of these questions.  Enjoy!

  • Episode 286 – Goodbye 2017

    il_340x270.1413986233_id2nFor our first episode of the New Year, we are going to take a look back at 2017. Instead of focusing on the negative (and there was a lot of that), we decided to look at the good things about the previous year. We talk about some movies, books, and television shows we loved as well as some news stories that made us smile. Sure, there were some awful things that happened in 2017 but let’s stay positive for just a little while!

  • Episode 285 – The Last Jedi

    v1.bjsxNTU5OTU1O2o7MTc1Njg7MTIwMDsxNDA4OzUwMAThis week features a spoiler filled episode all about Star Wars: The Last Jedi! The movie has divided the fan community but it has not divided those of us at the Geeks Without God command center! We all really enjoyed the film to varying degrees. We do our best to take a look at some of the criticisms leveled at the film and fairly consider them but really, we just enjoyed the hell out of this movie. If you did not, it will likely be your least favorite episode of Geeks Without God EVER!

  • Episode 284 – Navigating Christmas

    santa-hanukkah-menorah-christmas-treeChristmas is almost upon us and while most atheists still enjoy the holiday season in spite of the many religious trappings, sometimes it can be challenging. We spend this episode talking about some of the things we miss about celebrating Christmas when we weren’t atheists and some of the things we don’t miss at all. We also talk about how to navigate those tricky family gatherings when we are both in and out of the atheist closet. Enjoy the holidays, but be sure to set boundaries for yourself and nobody should ever be forced to go to church.