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  • Our Guests Love Us!

    Hey, we’ve linked to Brianne Bilyeau’s blog over at FreethoughtBlogs a few times this week.  She was a guest on our podcast and everything so it seems somewhat appropriate.

    So please don’t hate us if we do it again because she totally blogged about us!

    We’re podcasters and comedians so that means we are total attention whores.  Thanks for feeding our addiction, Brianne!


  • New Web Love!

    We just love it when someone just decides to make a new Icon for us.  This time, Tim’s friend Ickle_Tayto (Fionnuala Murphy) was goaded into drawing something for us.  Huzzah for the magic of Twitter!  Check it!

    Isn’t it cute?  It’s god!  And he’s got dice!  But there is a circle with a line through it so he’s not playing dice with the universe!

    At least that is how we interpreted it (and by “we” we mean “Tim”).   Doesn’t matter how you interpret it, though.  It’s still cute.

    Oh, hey, Fionnuala (she’s totally Irish) has a blog and does pocasting and stuff.  Go read!